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Chris Bacarella

by Shaun Maluga | Dec 21, 2020

Photographer Feature

R:  Tell us a little about how you got into automotive photography...

C:  A love of cars is what got me into photography. I was very active on a number of Auto Forums online where I’d want to share updates on my personal project car. Eventually you see others sharing beautiful photos of their projects and you want to join in. My love for photography grew and I actually graduated university with a Photojournalism degree. Years later I’ve expanded into other areas of photography, but automotive / motorsports is still my passion. 


R:  What do you love about automotive culture?

C:  The family it cultivates. Not just family in a traditional sense, but family in the sense of community. No matter where you are in the world you can show up to a car show or meet and be welcomed. That feeling of welcomeness isn’t found in many places. 



R:  Tell us about this series...

C:  This series is from the 2020 Bonneville Speed Week. The Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA is one of few places in the world to test land speed records and arguably one of the most famous. 2020 was still a go with a massive amount of COVID restrictions (limited fans, limited areas of access, etc) but with the entire event outdoors and plenty of space to separate, I went to capture this unique year. I wanted to show the space and vastness of the salt flats and having a minimal amount of people at the event helped show that. This was my first time to Bonneville and what makes it special is it’s one of the few, uncommercialized large scale car events I’ve ever been to. ‘Pure’ is the word that comes to mind. Visit a drag strip event, truck series, NASCAR, etc., and you’ll see sponsor billboards and massive sponsor trucks everywhere. Bonneville you see very few. Most of the competitors are self funded, or funded by small time companies or local businesses from their hometowns. It’s all driven by passion and you see that in every person you meet. I’d like to go back for 2021, or when COVID-19 has a vaccine, and concentrate more on the stories of the racers when I can comfortably get closer to the people there. 



Name: Chris Bacarella


Instagram: @ChrisBacarella

My go to gear for shoots: Canon | 5D MKIV & EOS R / R5