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Lunaz Design

by Colin Fabri | Aug 31, 2020

Retro EV

There is no doubt that over the next decade the look and feel of modern vehicles will see a change greater than over the past 50, due almost exclusively to a move to electrification.    Whilst the late ’80s & early 90’s also saw significant changes with vehicle computerisation, they were still conventional engines with fuel and noise and inherent design constraints.  However, the integration of computers made them faster, safer, and more efficient, subtle changes though compared to what’s instore this decade.

The move to electrification has and will continue to change the design of modern vehicles.  Past designs made the most of integrating form with function, the best of these designs were sheer art -evolution to perfection.

The development of modern electric motors and new battery technology brings a new opportunity.  The chance to breathe new life into past designs.  Companies are springing up that can take the beautiful designs of the past and replace the combustion engine with electric motors and battery control systems.  One such company is Lunaz Design, a British Automotive engineering company designing and developing their own electric powertrains.   

Lunaz is today focusing on British classics like current projects – a 1961 Rolls Royce Phantom, a Bentley S2 Flying Spur and a 1953 Jaguar XK120.  ‘We source a limited number of such vehicles, some that are no longer functional and create beautiful clean and useable electric classic cars.’  All Lunaz cars are full restorations of the body, chassis and interior, bringing back the stunning beauty of leather, wood veneer and metal switchgear.  From the outside, they present as an original vehicle as beautiful as the day they left the showroom floor.  On the inside, subtle changes like changing fuel and water temp gauges into the battery and power meters, touchscreen integrated into the dash for navigation, communication and entertainment purposes along with the new electrified power train make for a unique, and updated driving experience.

Lunaz cars, through their automotive background, have been able to uniquely design and package their own electric motors and battery systems.  They have created powertrains that are able to be integrated into the original car, cleverly packaged to closely mimic the original weight and weight distribution, making the driving experience as close to original with the practicality of today’s technology. Each car model is different and presents unique challenges, however Lunaz approach to new battery packaging designs has allowed them to subtly install the new equipment without compromising the original look of the vehicle.

For many of us, there is simply no replacement for the noise, theatre, mechanical interaction and enjoyment of a classic combustion-engine sports car.  However, we will be presented with a new alternative when our pride and joy has finally ‘combusted’, given up the will to live so to speak. Their replacement parts becoming hard to source and expensive.  Lunaz Design and future companies like them will be there for us and will make us start to think about our ‘Laid up’ classics … What if?




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