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Fraser Havenhand

by The News Desk | Oct 14, 2020

Photographer Feature

Second, only to the love of cars at Retromotive is the love of photography. Retromotive has always been about people, cars, and the journey it takes you on.

So much of that culture is about community and people sharing knowledge and experience. We want to create a truly diverse window into the automotive world and would like for our audience to experience it from the eye of creative individuals.

Along with our regular editorial features, we want to create a way for our community to discover new talent and sub-cultures within the classic car culture. We want to create an outlet for creatives to have their voice heard in a form that gives them the opportunity to breathe and express a unique visual concept.

It’s not about the rarest or the most expensive cars– it’s about the passion and the journey - a grass-roots community for real stories from regular people.

This week we're featuring the automotive stylings of Fraser Havenhand

Go-to gear for shoots:

For my commercial work I use a Nikon D810, the lenses I own are all mid 90’s Nikon primes and I make sure I always have a Polarising filter fitted to get rid of any unwanted reflections. I also have an APS-C Fujifilm (XT-2) that I use for personal work and when I'm out and about.

Tell us a little about how you got into automotive photography:

I got into automotive photography because it was an easy way for me to combine my two hobbies when I was in my early 20’s. I was in the middle of building a modest VW Jetta mk2 to race at Santa Pod raceway in the UK when I enrolled on my undergraduate course in photography. Given that all my friends and twin brother are still massively into cars, I'm never more than a phone call away from a cool car to shoot.

What do you love about automotive culture:

It has to be the people involved and the ever-changing landscape of the scene. I've made some of my closest friendships at car shows or helping friends fix or fit parts, and when I'm not doing that it's easy to get immersed in new cars that are being released or cool build threads and videos that you stumble across on Instagram and online.

Flux Magazine 1 - This was the first ever automotive commission I was given 3 years ago with a car insurance company in the UK called Adrian Flux for their in house magazine. We shot it in a 1960’s housing estate near my home and it's this shoot that got me hugely excited about working in the automotive industry.

Flux Magazine 2 - As part of the Flux magazine shoot we had to  take some incidental images and the estate was full of meandering paths layers houses to shoot through.

Goodyear Tyres 1 - This was my biggest and most challenging shoot to date and definitely a dream job come true. I was commissioned by Goodyear Europe to travel to Ascari Racecourse in southern Spain to shoot a campaign for a line of new race-focused tyres they were about to Launch.

Goodyear tyres 2 - As part of the shoot we had access to 5 high performance cars and had free reign of the resort to use as backdrops for the cars and tyres. Here we are shooting a Porsche GT2 RS in the pit hangers that line the racecourse.

Goodyear Tyres 3 - As the day progressed we pulled the Porsche into the pit lane and continued with the shoot.

Goodyear Tyres 4 - As the light dropped and golden hour was in full effect we pulled 3 cars together for a final shot against the epic Spanish mountains.

MZR Super Samuri 1 - I am massively privileged to work with an exciting restomod company based in the  north of England called MZR Roadsports. Over lockdown they took on a commission to build a car based on the Super Samuri race cars coming out of the uk in the 1970’s. Here is the MZR Roadsports homage to the Super Samuri racers.

MZR Super Samuri 2 - Another shot of the Super Samuri homage by MZR. Here I wanted to try and capture the contrast of the metallic bronze bonnet against the bright red paint of the car.

MZR Cannes 1 - Most recently I went back to MZR Roadsports and shot their latest creation heading to Cannes in France. This is the last of their Classic edition builds so it was pretty special to be able to document it for them.


MZR Cannes 2 - Here is the interior of the newly finished MZR Cannes commission, The deep finish on the wooden wheel and gear shifter looked great contrasted against the pale blue/gray paint.

You can find here Fraser's work on the links below


Instagram: @fraserhav

Facebook: Fraser Havenhand Photography