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Trevor Dalton

by The News Desk | Nov 11, 2020

Photographer Feature


Tell us a little about how you got into automotive photography:

I think it was something inevitable! Cars and photography had both been hobbies of mine since I was a kid. So when I finished school and left for Los Angeles I started playing more with automotive photography. With car shows every weekend and interesting cars street-parked everywhere, it was the perfect place to learn and find my style.

After a while I started experimenting more with shooting at night. Los Angeles is such a cinematic city and all these unique shooting locations came alive at night. Since then I’ve tried to create scenes and shots that feel like they could be right out of movie.



What do you love about automotive culture:

The people! There are so many amazing, interesting people in this hobby. I’m usually more excited to talk to friends and meet new people at shows than I am to actually look at the cars. Sometimes I even have to remind myself to do a walk around of the show and check out the car before people start leaving!



Tell us about this series:

This was a series I shot August of 2019, it was inspired by The Man Who Fell To Earth by Walter Tevis. I had read the book last summer and quickly became obsessed with the story. Soon after, I saw the film adaptation with David Bowie as the lead and knew I wanted to do a series based on the story. I had a location and model in mind and started putting the rest of the puzzle pieces together. A lot of the blocking was based on photos I had found of David Bowie from various photoshoots over the years.

Overall the shoot was pretty simple with one location and no artificial lighting. The one issue we ran into was being next to a theatre with a show getting outright as we started shooting. The shoot became a waiting game with people stopping to photograph the car and hang out in the background. While it is a bit annoying, I think that is part of the fun when shooting these scenes!


Go-to gear for shoots:

Fuji GW690II loaded with Cinestill 800T or Fuji Pro 160NS

Leica SL with a Leica Summilux 35mm ASPH

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