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The Stainless Steel Trifecta

by The News Desk | Sep 28, 2020

Worldwide Auctioneers

Worldwide Auctioneers has confirmed that three of the celebrated stainless steel Fords built for Allegheny Ludlum Inc. will go under the hammer in Auburn this September, an extraordinary opportunity to acquire a trio of historic cars first conceived by the pioneering stainless steel producer in collaboration with the Ford Motor Company in 1935. Comprising a 1936 Ford Deluxe Sedan, 1960 Ford Thunderbird, and 1967 Lincoln Continental Convertible, the Stainless Steel Fords will be offered without reserve as a single consignment at Worldwide’s annual Auburn Auction, held over Labor

1967 Lincoln Continental

VIN: 6Y86G444636

  • One of three stainless steel Lincoln Continental Convertibles produced
  • Retained by Allegheny Ludlum (Allegheny Technologies Inc) from new
  • The final collaboration of Ford Motor Company and Allegheny Ludlum
  • Hand-assembled in a special area of Ford Motor Company’s Wixom, MI facilities
  • Special late-production example of the last convertible offered by Lincoln

1960 Ford Thunderbird

VIN: OY71Y170331

  • One of two produced in collaboration with Ford Motor Company
  • Body, bumpers, and grille fashioned from type 302 stainless steel
  • First automotive application of stainless steel for exhaust systems
  • Stainless steel body panels stamped by Allegheny Ludlum
  • Assembled by the Budd Company, Ford’s Thunderbird body supplier
  • Retained by Allegheny Ludlum following early promotional and show use

1936 Ford Tudor Deluxe Touring Sedan

VIN: 3222132

  • One of six bodied by Allegheny Ludlum for Ford Motor Company
  • First used by the New York Allegheny Ludlum sales office
  • Technology demonstrator of stainless steel’s durability
  • Reacquired and restored by Allegheny Ludlum in the mid-1950s

In 1935, executives at the Ford Motor Company and Pittsburgh-based Allegheny Ludlum Steel joined forces on the production of a solid stainless-steel car, a 1936 Deluxe Sedan. That car became the focal point of a campaign to showcase the extreme durability and aesthetic appeal of the new metal. Only six of the 1936 Fords were built in total and all were far from being simply promotional trailer-queens; each was to log over 200,000 miles in the hands of Allegheny Ludlum executives until their “retirement” in 1946, outlasting most of their non-stainless body parts and multiple engines are a testament to the superiority of the dynamic metal. Of the six stainless steel cars that rolled off the Ford assembly line in Detroit in 1936, four exist today, including this example that was retained by Allegheny Ludlum – now known as Allegheny Technologies – itself. The company donated the 1936 Ford Deluxe Sedan with a brushed stainless steel body to the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, where it is on display as part of the permanent collection.

Allegheny Ludlum and Ford would later collaborate on two more stainless models, the 1960 Thunderbird and 1967 Lincoln Continental Convertible. Just two Thunderbirds rolled off the assembly line in 1960, with bodywork formed from T302 stainless. Both retain their original exhaust systems today, after 60 years and more than 100,000 miles each. The 1967 Lincoln Convertible was the last of the stainless steel cars produced. Except for the vehicle’s body, all other parts and equipment on the car are standard for the 1967 Lincoln Convertible. Only three were made, once again proving that stainless steel’s enduring beauty is matched by its toughness.

Images courtesy of World Wide Auctioneers