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Issue one is out of the bag and I'd like to thank all those who have supported the magazine so far. It's picking up momentum now thanks to a lot of people taking the time to get the word out. A sincere thank you to you all.

For volume 2, you'll notice a few more additions including ....

'The Iconic Series'

With the 'Iconic Series" we delve into a vehicle that has stood out in automotive history, for better or worse, as a car that disrupted the game or had a significant influence on future developments.

It's actually hard not to make an obvious choice here. So lets not start this by being predictable.

I went with The Road Runner Super Bird. Audacious styling and remarkable speed and racing pedigre.The Super Bird has always fascinated me both historically and aesthetically.

I'd love to open it up to suggestions for future contenders. Please get in touch at retromotivemail@gmail.com or via any of our social accounts.

A few teaser shots.....

Volume 2 on sale September. Just in time for Fathers Day!

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