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This feature first appeared in Volume 1 of Retromotive magazine and was the first ever feature car I shot for what would become Retromotive magazine.

Here's a small excerpt from the feature and the images that hit

the cutting room floor.

"Harsh Australian sunlight plays over the sculpted curves, vents and flares. The colour mirrors the Queensland sky, reflected clouds distort as they trace the flanks. The car’s profile is at once familiar yet alien, the throaty engine sound is at odds with its diminutive stature. It’s low slung yet compact.

The colour and the styling are so very 1980s, a dab of excess with loud graphics trumpeting it’s identity to the world.

It’s a unique collision of Italian silhouette, interpreted styling and racecar pragmatism. The understated V8 growl from the rear mutters at passers by as it rolls to a stop.

Fun Fact: The owner grew up in the area and actually visited the factory regularly as a teen to see them being built. He snapped off an image on his box brownie of the car he would come to own many years later.

Fun Fact: Giocattolo is Italian for Toy

Fun Fact: I shot this at the old factory in Caloundra, QLD where they were produced during the 1980's. The signage was very faded but if you squinted just right, you could make out a faint outline.

Click here to purchase Volume 1 of Retromotive Magazine featuring the Giocattolo Group B

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