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This feature first appeared in Volume 3 of Retromotive magazine.

Here's a small excerpt from the feature and the images that hit

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The popularity of the CSL should come as no surprise as it’s widely regarded as one of the most beautiful BMW’s ever produced. David put it simply, “whoever designed it, just got it right."

Many will credit Wilhelm Hoffmeister for the key design elements on the elegant coupe, but it was Italian, Giorgetto Giugiaro (of Bertone fame), that really deserves the credit. It only takes a glance at the 1962 3200CS to see the E9’s origins. Slim pillars… a large chest… sculpted rear… you could say the CSL is an Italian car with German engineering. A sentiment that isn’t lost on David. “The proportions are perfect in my view. They left no question to what they were about, just by sheer design."

David recognises that it was the culture of the time that allowed for such beautiful creations to exist, when designers could design with freedom and famous houses like Bertone and Pininfarina flourished. “There was so much great art and design in the 60s and 70s., it was about how much style you stamp on something.”

Fun Fact: CSL bodies were actually assembled by German coachbuilding outfit Karmann.

Fun Fact: CSL stands for -‘Coupe, Sport, Light’.

Fun Fact: BMW supplied the wing and the rest of the bodykit in the boot of the car when it was sold. It was up to the owners to decide whether to go the full "Batmobile" or not.

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