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This feature first appeared in Volume 1 of Retromotive magazine.

Here's a small excerpt from the feature including images that hit the cutting room floor and didn't make it into the magazine.

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The workshop is crammed and dark, I carefully pick my way through the clutter, car parts, some recognizable others of indeterminate origin hang from the shed walls and are scattered in piles around this space.

It’s here that sculptor James Corbett painstakingly stiches together his work, breathing life into the inanimate and discarded.

I was expecting a stereotype, a disheveled creative prone to meandering conversations on form. Instead I found a quietly spoken, disarmingly grounded and direct car nut. James and I chat about what inspires and drives his work, it’s soon very clear however, that there will be no arty waffle, “You often get asked for these artist statements,” he laughs good naturedly, “They are usually so much bullshit.”

James uses found objects to create his work; car parts are the preferred medium. Discarded spark plugs, radiator grilles and engine parts are all reimagined to reflect living creatures or become motoring works of art.

“One of the things I like to think is that the end result is like a solved puzzle that in years to come will be like a time capsule from the age of the motor car.”

Fun Fact: Before he made his name as an artist, James owned an operated a wrecking yard specialising in French and Italian vehicles.

Fun Fact: James has had his work exhibited in art galleries world wide.

Fun Fact:

You can view his work here. http://jamescorbettart.com

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