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Autobianchi A112 Abarth Smash

The Autobianchi A112 was a supermini produced by Italian automaker Autobianchi. It was developed using a shrunken version of the contemporary Fiat 128's platform. The mechanicals of the A112 subsequently underpinned the Fiat 127.

It was introduced in November 1969, as a replacement for the Bianchina and Primula, and was built until 1986, when it made way for the more modern Autobianchi Y10 Over 1.2 million A112s were produced in Autobianchi's Milan factory.

The A112 Abarth was prepared by the motorsports division of the Fiat Group, at first with a 982 cc engine, obtained by increasing the stroke, coupled to a sportive exhaust, a twin carburetor, and a different camshaft.

In 1975, displacement was increased to 1,050 cc, while power climbed from 58 HP to 70 HP at 6600 rpm, for a weight of only 700 kg (1,540 lb).

Towards the end of their production life Auobianchi released the A112 Abarth “Smash” featured here. Only 25 were produced and this is thought to be the first example. It recently sold at auction for under 10k. Hard to fund something this fun and rare for a price like that.

Images courtesy of BaT Auctions. See the full listing here

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