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Stay in the Real Oscar Mayer Wienermobile for only $200 per night.

For the first time ever, your wildest hot dog dreams can come true with a stay in a 27 foot-long hot dog on wheels. That's right Hot dog lovers, for one night only, you can have the opportunity to eat hot dogs, dream of hot dogs, and yes, live in a hot dog, with an overnight stay in the iconic Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

Housed inside an authentic Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, this cozy space for two is located in Chicagoland. Complete with a bed for dreaming of wienies, sitting area for discussing at length whether a hot dog is a sandwich (spoiler alert – it is!)

Amenities include a mini fridge stocked with Oscar Mayer hot dogs and all the Chicago-style hot dog essentials, an Oscar Mayer roller grill to take home, an outdoor space for comfortable hot dog eating.

And to help you celebrate your love of hot dogs during your visit, each guest also will receive a welcome kit, complete with all the hot dog-inspired accessories you could want.

Sadly though, you can't the giant wiener on the road as guests aren’t allowed to drive it.

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