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The 67 Fastback Mustang by Charge Cars - Making Electric Cars Cool.

The Prius has done nothing for the image of electric cars, but Charge Cars, a London based company, is here to change that.

Charge Cars has assembled a team of experienced engineers and designers from some of the biggest car manufactures in the world including; McLaren, Jaguar Land Rover and F1 racing teams. But most importantly, Charge Cars are here to give

classics a new lease on life.

Charge cars set out to redefine iconic classic cars with advancements in electric technology. They have paired with industry leader in EV technology, Arrival, to bring the most advanced technologies and components to their cars including; motors, power electronics, battery systems, intelligent software and a stunning user interface.

Power comes from a 64-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack provided Arrival. All four paws deliver an impressive 885 pound-feet of torque and range is stated at approx. 200 miles - which sits in-between a BMW 13 and a Nissan Leaf.

The original car featured here was built with a reproduction body licensed by Ford - so all measurements and proportion are correct. You can work with Charge Cars to build your ultimate Electric Powered Mustang if you really want, but most of their production will be the spec featured here.

Production run is limited but right now you can reserve 1 of 499 cars to be assembled for a cost of 300,00 pounds. Deliveries begin September 2019.

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